The Heiman Hatchet explained

The Heiman Hatchet is manufactured from high carbon steel that is hardened and tempered. It’s finished with a high temperature ceramic coating of Cerekote. Leaving a smooth and functional finish, these characteristics minimise the likelihood of corrosion while increasing the blade’s durability. These factors combine to make the Heiman Hatchet your survival blade for life.

The Heiman Hatchet is available in two colours – Tac Black for minimal visual impact or Rescue Orange for high profile. Rescue Orange has the added benefit of being easy to find around camp - as well as having potential as a signalling aid to make you easier to find in a search and rescue situation. Whatever your circumstances, when you’re out scrub the Heiman Hatchet is the tool you’ll want to have close at hand.

If you travel into our Pacific neighbourhood looking at the concept of the survival knife, you can see why some prefer to call it a survival blade rather than ‘knife’. That’s because it’s a cross between a knife, machete, spade and an axe. And that’s exactly what the Heiman Hatchet is – and more!

Tiring of knives that promised the world and failed to truly deliver as a ‘survival tool’, the Heiman Hatchet was inspired by Scott Heiman’s vision of a purpose- built single implement that could carry out a far more mixed range of tasks than the market offered.

Looking for inspiration, Scott focused on his experiences with the Army and Federal Police in South East Asia and Melanesia. Further, Scott drew on his lineage of multi-generational military service and the experiences of his forebears whose lives were - and still are - intricately connected to the land.

Find out why the Heiman Hatchet is a uniquely versatile blade

A good survival blade will have hundreds of potential survival-related functions.

If you can’t use your current blade to achieve the following purposes - get a Heiman Hatchet. Use it to:

◾ Cut and Slice ◾ Dig ◾ Split Wood ◾ Wrench

◾ Prepare Food ◾ Build Shelter ◾ Make Fire ◾ Forage ◾ Skin and butcher

◾ Create a sand, mud and snow anchor

◾ Signal ◾ Hammer ◾ Windlass

And if you need another reason to buy the Heiman Hatchet? Well, look no further. It also flies!