Supporting your passion for the outdoors.

Welcome to Heiman Habitat, a site that offers you key resources to get out into this wide brown land of ours - knowing what it offers, and how it can challenge us.

In these days of 24/7 technology, too many of us spend too long out of touch with our natural environment. Can we quantify the benefits of engaging with our natural world? Probably not. But whether we look for tranquility, old-style mate-ship, fitness or to challenge ourselves, those of us searching for ways to get ‘back to basics’ know that the benefits are real – if immeasurable.

At Heiman Habitat we aim to support your passion for the outdoors.


Heiman Haberdashery

Our retail line provides those ‘must-have’ products you shouldn’t leave home without.


Heiman Habitat Holistic solutionS


From writing services, bushcraft workshops, to niche professional services in environmental analysis, research and project design - We’re all about solutions.

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