Heiman Habitat is an Australian business that services the outdoor recreational and professional sectors. We provide niche professional consultancy services in environmental analysis, research and project design. We offer tailored programs on bushcraft, field craft, survival craft and remote-area preparation in partnership with established outdoor service providers. We also freelance for a range of national circulation outdoor magazines with a focus on bushcraft and survival.

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Scott Heiman

Scott has been an infantry soldier and officer in the Army Reserve since 1994. He specialises in field-craft, weapons handling, the remediation of remnants of war and historical analysis. Scott is an environmental scientist with experience as a project manager within Government for a number of significant State and National environmental protection initiatives and Australia’s first chemical weapons remediation project. Previously, Scott was a member of the Australian Federal Police where he was a senior fire-arms instructor. Scott has been a member of the Australian Bowhunters Association since 1983 and his family is known throughout the field archery fraternity.

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Kath was raised on a rural property and was exploring outback Australia well before such trips were a common-place activity for adventurous families. As a trained lawyer and practitioner in the fields of national security and professional military education, she has spent the majority of her professional career in Government focusing on Australia’s international defence relationships within the region and beyond. She has been seconded to the United Nations and has seen operational service in Afghanistan. Along with her sense of adventure, Kath brings to Heiman Habitat her strong strategic vision, management and communication skills.


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