Heiman Habitat Holistic Solutions

Heiman Habitat Holistic Solutions (H3S) provides expert support to the outdoor recreational, industry and government sectors through its environmental services. H3S can provide your missing link for the achievement of environmental compliance and public accountability.

Closure and Site Rehabilitation Planning

Planning for project closure is an increasingly important development component that should commence in parallel with the initial project planning. Closure planning and ongoing site rehabilitation during project development includes stockpiles, waste rock dumps, construction pads or other disturbed areas. H3S provides environmental rehabilitation advice for sustainable revegetation programs, fauna habitat development, erosion control, infrastructure screening, bushfire risk prevention, landscape biodiversity and threatened species conservation.

Environmental Assessments

H3S provides environmental assessments for projects in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements. We specialise in developing practical and sustainable avoidance, remediation and mitigation management measures, for potential adverse environmental impacts due to project development.

Environmental Monitoring and Research

H3S is experienced in monitoring the impact on plant and animal communities of proposed project developments. Whether you are considering environmental compliance, biodiversity conservation and/or rehabilitation following site disturbance or for academic research purposes, H3S can help you achieve your aims.

Ecological Surveys

H3S is experienced in a range of ecological survey techniques for plants, animals, communities, habitats, weeds and animal pests. This includes experience in assessing a diverse range of flora and fauna, including threatened species and ecological communities in coastal, temperate, arid and alpine environments.

Vertebrate Pest Management and Strategies

H3S assists in the management of feral, introduced and native vertebrates (that have reached unsustainable populations) by contributing to environmentally sustainable and accountable pest management action planning. This includes defining the scope of the problem and its contributory factors; identifying appropriate means for live trapping, holding, releasing and humanely destroying animals; and advising on the relevant regulatory and policy framework within which pest management strategies need to be implemented

Stakeholder Consultation and Education

Skilled in community consultation, public participation and environmental stakeholder engagement, H3S provides communication pathways between clients and stakeholder groups though direct contact, facilitated workshops, multi-media material and other organised gatherings.

Peer Review

H3S provides high quality peer review of environmental strategies, processes and reports. You’d ask for a second opinion on a health assessment from your General Practitioner – so why not a second opinion on an environmental assessment from a proposed project developer? H3S offers you independent professional peer reviews to support accountable and defensible project planning and decision-making.

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Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) Remediation Planning

Scott Heiman was the assistant project manager on Australia’s largest industrial scale chemical warfare agent remediation project since World War II.